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Retail & Ecommerce Consultants with expertise in Social Media

We are Ecommerce Consultants and Social Media Consultants offering businesses of all sizes significant expertise and experience:

  1. We provide Ecommerce, Retail and Social Media expertise and support to Ecommerce Businesses, Independent retailers and retail groups.
  2. We provide Social Media expertise and support for ALL types of businesses.  Ecommerce has led the world in the Social Media adoption and we have been at the forefront of that since 2005.  We can help ALL business learn the best skills and technologies to utilise the amazing world of Social Media
  3. Help bring new products and services to the retail market – Via Innovation Gift Shop

Visit our YouTube Channel for lots of easy to watch videos

We build Ecommerce businesses….not just websites 

Ecommerce Consultants and Social Media ConsultantsWe are Ecommerce Consultants – We do not just build an Ecommerce website, we help you to build a sustainable and long term business Over the last 4 years we have launched 4 Ecommerce business’s and we are working in the fifth We do not build you a website….we have partners who help build the website, as this is only a fraction if what is needed to build an Ecommerce business A successful Ecommerce business is built on strong foundations and a coordinated plan We offer you the FULL package and support to build a real business

We teach ALL businesses how to use Social Media

Ecommerce Consultants and Social Media ConsultantsWe have been running Ecommerce businesses since 2005 and part of the success of an Ecommerce business is correctly using Social Media for your business.

We help all businesses understand social media for Business. We are experts in Social Media, we are not a marketing agency that preaches what they think works – we tell you how we make money online via Social Media.

Help bring new products and services to the customer

Ecommerce Consultants and Social Media ConsultantsDo you have an amazing new product or invention? Do you want immediate access to customers, an online store and ready made social media platforms? Innovation Gift Shop has been set-up to help bring new innovations to market.  The business has a significant active customer database, a growing social media following and delivers amazing Customer Service. We are actively involved with a number of new products and services, enabling new entrants to the UK Retail Market set up a successful business plan and implement the plan.

 Ecommerce Consultants and Social Media Consultants


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