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The Retail Handbook

The Retail Handbook

For every retailer that wishes to learn how to achieve their potential in Retail

The Retail Handbook – follows a logical 11 part journey that centres around, and begins with, the Customer. Based on 20 years of experience and a number of different retail businesses, this handbook will guide you through the journey to make your business customer focussed, and realise the potential you have to make your retail business a success.

Whether you are a seasoned retailer or you are just starting out, The Retail Handbook will help you master the basics in retail and set you up to compete with the larger retailers … and win the battle for your customers.

The Retail Handbook

UK, Europe and USA Version


The Retail Handbook

India Version


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“There is a good combination of strategy and ‘nitty-gritty’, with numerous common-sense tips based on insights from Antony’s retail experience. Both the planning and the execution are well covered and each section has a helpful checklist of subjects to consider. The book is possibly unique in providing such a comprehensive practical guide to retailing in one compact volume.”

Roger Best, Retailer with over 20 years experience leading consumer brands and former CEO of Radley

“Retail has been around as long as man himself, yet I’m sure it has never before been captured in such simple prose and so comprehensively. Using real life case studies this book will offer you advice to improve your retail skills.”

Mark Buckley, Business Analyst, Marks and Spencer

“Retail is more than just the product: it’s the customer, the store colleagues, the service and the relationship between all of them. This book neatly pulls these elements together in a way that both the novice and the expert will find both useful and accessible.”

Neil Symons, Head of HR Transformation Rollout, International FTSE 100 Retailer

“Antony’s enthusiasm for retail shows as much in his writing as it does when in person – that’s one helluva lot of enthusiasm. This handbook is a must for all those trying to get to grips with the quintessentials of retail – our students need one as standard issue.”

Cheryl Travers, Senior Lecturer, Retail Management, Loughborough University

“In this comprehensive Retail Handbook, Antony covers the major challenges of running a retail business. Practical advice and examples throughout the book will help your retail business to grow and importantly focuses on the customers and the team. A great aide for all retailers.”

Mark Chatterton, Group Sales and Marketing Director, Computers Unlimited

“A comprehensive guide to all things retail. Whether you have been retailing for 20 years or are just dipping your toe in the water, you’ll find tips to improve your business.”

Jo Illingworth, former Head of Brand Marketing, Dixons Tax Free

“The passion for and understanding of retail in all its finest details radiate from this book and the author personally.”

Frank Van Bommel, Training and Development Manager, Dixons Retail

” The Retail Handbook takes you on a journey to business success through chapters on developing staff, customer service and buying. In my experience, too many retailers build businesses on the assumptions made by their previous owner. This book will help you to think your way out of dead ends and into profitable new sales.

It is packed with useful lists. Even great retailers will find it helpful to consider how their processes work. As a bonus, at the end Welfare introduces the world of ‘e-tailing’ – the new frontier for convenience stores.

Essential summer reading ”


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