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Welcome to Retail Blockchain News

My interest in Retail blockchain  News started in February 2016 when I asked a colleague “What is bitcoin? And why are Retailers not using it?” Little did I know, that one conversation would open my mind to the potential of blockchain technology. I spent 3 months researching, discussing and finding out how Blockchain worked, using books, online and attending meetups. During this research I came across Ethereum and started to research Ethereum in depth.

In August 2016, I bought my first ETH for £8.88 – £100 well spent!!! Once I was literally invested, I started to research daily. I kept my focus on Ethereum, as this is a true blockchain and can support any type of blockchain use case. I joined the EEA and attended many of the Ethereum meetups – when there were less than 100 of us (now there are 1000’s attending these meetups!).

I am currently researching Retail and Supply chain use cases, and helping many companies and partners to develop these to real life solutions for the enterprise sector. I have also delivered a number of training sessions on Blockchain in the UK and Canada