The Retail Handbook

For retailers and brands learning best practice retail in a digital world where the lines between physical retail and digital retail blur

How do you connect with a digitally savvy customer who knows more than ever about your products and can shop anywhere anytime and cross borders?

How do you reach your customers in a crowded works and how do you keep them?

With added insights from my latest experiences working with global retailers and global consumer brands, in the digital transformation arena.  I have had the privilege to work with consumer brands and retailers around the world, which has given me unique insight into the challenges of retailing in the digital age.

Exploring omnichannel, the importance of content, direct to consumer challenges, changes to retail and a unique look at retailing back in the 1930’s

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Up-to-date practical guide to retail – helps a gap in the market

26 February 2018 Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

Essential Read for Retail Business Success

27 February 2018 Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

An excellent read that focuses on the world of omnichannel and …

23 February 2018 Format: Paperback

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